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Mualim. pk is providing you an extensive platform to find the best qualified and experienced teachers from reputed organizations. We believe in providing a more secure and reliable educational environment to achieve the best quality education & success. Find your Teacher on a more interactive and user-friendly platform Today.

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Mualim. pk has a large Database of  Best Rated Teachers from well-recognized institutions. We provide top-ranked educational services by the most competent and certified teachers. We provide a wide range of courses for a Higher Secondary School(Grade 1st to 12th). We also provide in-demand professional skills courses for all Age Groups.

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Mualim. pk is believed to make a friendly and respectable connection between our Teachers and Students. You can get a FREE Trial of any chosen teacher and course to make a trustworthy and long-lasting relation with us. Mualim. pk is the foremost solution for your Educational Life. Give it a Try Today for FREE.


Why We Are The Best 

Best Platform for Most Competent Teachers

  • Our system gives access to the most experienced & competent teachers who have complete command of their subjects.
  • We verify most competent teachers on our platform, who knows the weaknesses and strength of students.
  • They work to develop and enhance knowledge of subjects for best performance, based on their years of working experience.

More Interactive Live Sessions

  • We are committed to providing more convinent, one-to-one interactive tuition sessions nationwide.
  • If student or parents are not satisfied with any teacher, we can replace teacher within 3 working days. We never compromise on quality of education.

Flexible Schedule for Students

  • Mualim. pk helps you to schedule your classes as per your availability and comfort.
  • Our Coaches understand your best suited time and will provide you most flexible Timetable to cover your per week tuition hours.

FREE Trial Classes

  • With Mualim. pk, you will only pay and get registered after having FREE Trial Classes.
  • You can check the syllabus and teaching style of your teacher by taking FREE Trial Classes.

Most Affordable Rates

  • Mualim. pk gives you different payment plans, depending on your time duration, and also offers special discounts for siblings.
  • You can choose your teacher according to your budget. Every teacher has different hourly rates based on their experience, associated organizations, and ratings.

Modern Teaching Techniques

  • With Mualim. pk, you will get exposure to most modern teaching methods which will improve your intellect behavior by practcing different innovative ideas to clear concepts instead of just reciting syllabus with no practicle knowledge of subject.
  • Our objective is to make acive participation of young learners to sharpen their skills with more productive approach.

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